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About the Spring Program

Players selected to play in this program will get a baseball experience unlike any other, but it is very much rooted in hard work. It is a program that requires a significant commitment, with intensive and carefully crafted practices and training sessions along with a competitive tournament schedule. All players will have access to state of art equipment and sports performance training unmatched in the area, as well as combined coaching staff with years of travel baseball experience. The program is designed for players who want to truly make the commitment to reaching their potential and play at the next level.



EPA Baseball Program Includes:

  • One Field Practice 

  • One Practice @ EPA Facility

  • Access to Strength & Speed Training Program

The mission of EPA Baseball is to provide an affordable opportunity for all players to train, develop, and compete, while challenging players to be the best they can be on and off the field as student athletes. At EPA Baseball we realize that talent gets you on the field, but your attitude and work ethic along with GPA will keep you there. EPA Baseball will offer college advisory services as well as private showcase camps for our top players. We want each player to understand the importance of being a complete player and the balance between student and athlete. 

EPA Baseball located in the Woodlands/Magnolia area opened a new 8400 sq. ft facility in June 2018. All players will have access to state of art equipment and sports performance training unmatched in the area with Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches. All players will have access to 8 indoor cages and indoor turf field. EPA Baseball will offer a combined coaching staff of pro and college coaches with years of travel baseball experience. We are excited about the future and we look forward to continuing to build highly competitive baseball teams with emphasis on playing the game with high standards of character and integrity.

For more information, or to learn about how to become an EPA Baseball player, please contact Dave DeLoit at 832-919-3747, or email

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