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EPA is proud to partner with Diamond Standard Recruiting and At-Home Tutoring Services.  We understand how overwhelming the player development and  college recruiting process can be.  Diamond Standard Recruiting offers a targeted 4-step program to provide guidance, alignment, and direction to all players seeking a college scholarship.  We also understand the rigors of being a student-athlete.  Talent will get you on the field, but GPA and test scores will keep you there.  We are very excited to offer our players the assistance they need to improve their academics, which will lead to more college choices.  



We will assess where the player is (athletically and academically) and where they need to improve in order to get noticed by the college of their choice.


We will use cutting edge technology to instruct players on how to improve their metrics, which can make the difference in playing Division I and Division II Baseball.


We will help players to compile a resume that we know will stand out from the stack of others that a college coach has to sift through.


Once we identify the colleges that the player matches up with, we will personally call and email their targeted colleges in order to get the player in front of them.

Please call or email Dave DeLoit for more information 832-919-3747 dave@elitepa-sports.com
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For more information Contact:

Eva Bisso

At-Home Tutoring Services

"We Come to the Student"


713/572-3533 office

713/418-0268 mobile

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